10 Rules of Government by Matthew Heines

  1. Absolute power and greed have corrupted our politicians and officials absolutely.

2. If you throw money at a problem it only becomes an expensive problem. When the government throws money at a problem half is taken by lawyers and the rest by corporations, yet the problem itself only festers.

3. Guns don’t kill people. Tyrants and murderers do.

4. Ordinary people solve problems, politicians only find ways to exploit them.

5. Corrupt Individuals in Government will always seek to perpetuate their positions  at any cost. 

6 . Every “War” the U.S. Government and its accomplice media gets US involved in turns out to be a war on the American people and a raid on the U.S. Treasury.

 7. When Government Officials fail at their duties and betray their trust, they hold press conferences and justify their failure to perform their duties by asking for more money, funding and power.

8. Republicans and Democrats are employed by corporations, not taxpayers.

 9. The entire system from the government to the grocery store is controlled by people who make sure everything is always going to cost more next year.

10. Democratic government is only as good or as evil, as proactive or apathetic, as tolerant or spiteful, as kind or vicious, as the people it represents. Virtue must be taught, not legislated.

If you ever wanted to change the government for good, now’s your chance. Let me know what is important to you and how we can do things better.

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