10 Rules of Government by Matthew Heines

"Black, white, or Hispanic doesn't matter. The biggest crime I ever committed was being born poor." M. Heines

1.Absolute power and greed have corrupted our politicians and officials absolutely.

2. If you throw money at a problem it becomes an expensive problem. When the government throws money at a problem 50% is taken by lawyers and the rest by corporations.

3. Guns don’t kill people. Politicians do.

4. Ordinary people solve problems, politicians only find ways to exploit them.

5.Individuals in Government will always seek to perpetuate their positions and usually at any cost. 

6 . The more government-corporate media tells you something is true, the more likely it isn’t.

 7. When Government Officials fail at their duties and betray their trust, they hold press conferences and justify their failure to perform their duties by asking for more money, funding and power.

8. Republicans and Democrats are employed by corporations, not taxpayers.

 9. The entire system from the government to the grocery store is controlled by people who make sure everything is always going to cost more next year.

10. Democratic government is only as good or as evil, as proactive or apathetic, as tolerant or spiteful, as kind or vicious, as the people it represents. 

State of Washington Ballot Submission

Campaign Email – Contact@vote4heines.com

Campaign Website – vote4heines.com

Elected Experience – Student Government Sequim High School

Other Professional Experience – Military – U.S. Army 82nd Airborne (Infantry)

Certified Teacher – Washington State, University Lecturer; Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Higher Education, Military Trainer; Saudi Arabia (Northrop Grumman/Raytheon)

Author: Heinessights, The Rainier Paradigm, Killing Time in Saudi Arabia, Deceptions of the Ages, My Year in Oman, Another Year in Oman.

Podcast: Encounters USA

Companies: Heinessight Enterprises, Store 2 U Express

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Vote 4 Heines for U.S. Congress

Education: (Diploma) Sequim High School, (BA) Washington State University, (MA) University of Alaska, Anchorage

Community Service The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, American Legion

A Nation of Teachers

Someone once said, “It takes a village.” Who knows what that is supposed to mean, except that a lot of idiots live in villages. I have a new saying, and that is, it takes a nation of teachers. No matter what your political persuasion, race, gender, origin or level of intellect, everyone can agree that our only real job is training our youth to survive and to make a better world for themselves. Every other thing except our destruction depends on how successful we are at that task. It’s time to grow up, America. You can’t remote control your problems away or hope some slickster in a shark skin suit is going to make everything ok. A better America starts with you.

"I Told Ya So!"

In 2018, I ran for the Senate against Microsoft Millionaire Maria “Can’t Do a Thing for my Constituents,” Cantwell and these are the things I promised to do. Once again, the incumbent was elected and went back to Washington to do nothing except promote a Russia Hoax and spend months and millions impeaching the President. Meanwhile, these problems have been on the news but nothing is being done. Are you going to make the same mistake again? Where will you be, or will you be, in two years?

Special Forces, Airborne, Scholar, Teacher, Author, Poet. A Lifetime of Service to Mankind.

On my 19th Birthday, I made my first parachute jump at Fort Benning, Georgia.

House Cleaning Tasks

My first acts in the House of Representatives will be to author legislation for the following:

Revoke the right of State Governors to shut down their state businesses. (Interstate Commerce Act)

Organize and direct an investigation into the entire Coronavirus disaster and hand stiff prison sentences to anyone perpetuating the hoax or exaggerating statistics or official medical reports.

Introduce legislation to repeal the Patriot Act. Cut the funding for the FBI and CIA decouple their surveillance at Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Oppose 5G and Facial Recognition surveillance.

Author legislation to halt immigration until the 20 million illegals in this country are accounted for and a decision made on DACA. Corporations have milked this system of getting cheap labor and dumping the cost on taxpayers long enough.

Establish Labor Cards for migrant workers attached to employer bank accounts. Allow them to pass into our country as real people with dignity, rights and transport to their jobs.

Author legislation to establish English as the official language of the US Government.

Author legislation to pass a 30% income tax on corporate attorneys, lobbyists, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Pindar the Google Guy. Then we’ll freeze the assets of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  until we find out what ‘Needles’ Gates had to do with the Coronavirus.

Author legislation to supplement the wages of employees of small businesses and increase wages to $20 an hour.

File suit against any company, media, technology firm or otherwise that is operating as a monopoly for violations of privacy, voter manipulation and US anti-trust laws.

Introduce legislation to open a 10th Circuit Court in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.

Beg people to stop littering and pick up the trash. Be proud of our Great Land. Preserve something but a cesspool and debt for the generations to come. 

So, that is my platform. It is not what I want, it is what must be done. I wish I could promise to give everyone everything, but I can’t and no one can. What I can give you is a vote to get you the help you need right now. Right now, Suzan Del Bene and Nancy Pelosi with fortunes of hundreds of millions, are blocking the money you need to survive. I will cooperate with anyone who will just get it to you. It doesn’t have to get worse, but until you take some responsibility and fill out the ballot and put it in the mail, the future is going to involve microchips, vaccines and massive human misery and starvation, most likely, ours.

Video Message on the Murder of George Floyd

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It’s an investment in a future that right now, you don’t have.

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